Here at A Perfect Place Advisory, we provide advice and assistance to the enlightened few. Those that truly believe each place you create - should enrich the lives of its stakeholders. All it stakeholders!

At first this might seem like an impossible task. But that’s not true.

Although many would suggest it is not possible to serve more than one master; that you need to focus on one key stakeholder. You don’t!

To us that would be like having five children and arguing that you couldn’t possibly satisfy the needs of all five. So, you will choose one, to be your primary focus. That makes no sense to us – and it shouldn’t to you either. They all need to flourish! There is no need to choose one at the expense of the other.

Your project is no different.

As custodians of the place (physical or digital), within your control you have a great responsibility and a tremendous opportunity to create something that is both unique and highly sought after. A place designed to bring out the very best in people.

A well envisaged and executed hospital can accelerate healing. A well envisaged and executed retirement village or nursing home can slow down if not reverse the effects of ageing. A well envisaged and executed town centre can improve a community’s overall health and wellbeing and level of happiness not to mention its economic, cultural, environmental and social returns.

Who would have thought that those in the business of place making (both physical and digital) could have a greater impact on the health and wellbeing of citizens than the medical profession can? That a property developer is more likely to cure chronic disease than a doctor. Not to mention the contribution they can make to saving the planet!

Who would have thought we could make a significant contribution to saving the planet, the people on it, and in the process, deliver an excellent return to our investors?

Needless to say, that awareness is now a double-edged sword. It means you can no longer accept mediocrity. You need to move from being merely good, to great and where possible strive to deliver upon the remarkable.

All of this is of course possible in a well-conceived and delivered project - and an extremely rewarding process to be part of. It’s realisation is a simple four step process. Get the vision right. Understand the gaps between the vision and what you have today. Identify the correct strategies to effectively close those gaps. Execute with excellence upon those agreed strategies.

Its not rocket science but the results can be staggering. In fact, if you are not doing it, then you - and all those dependent on your place - are truly missing out on something quite remarkable.

If you require assistance – we would be happy to help

Lachlan Cameron

Melbourne, Australia


Phone: 0425216060